Monday, February 22, 2010

What's in a name....Baby names

Baby names
Baby names

My oldests sons name is Bear.
You got a problem with that.
If you do, I don't care. ;D

This is the story of how we came to name our child:

When I was very first and newly pregnant my husband and I made a decision about names. He would name the boys and I would name the girls. We both had to agree on the name though. We decided to make our pregnancy "fun" by not finding out the baby's gender. There are very few real surprises so why miss out on this one...... So that left us looking for either a girl name or a boy name. Phil insisted that our children's names could not be unisex names. We talked it over made lists, did searches on the internet as most people in this situation do, and we made a few choices.

The names we finally settled tentatively on, and told people about, were....
Marcus for a boy
Emma for a girl

I had hardly heard either name and thought both unique.
Little did I know, Emma was one of the more popular names, and as for Marcus I don't know.
We had our decision made, but we still discussed other names here and there.
Phil had a thing about names. He really wanted our boys to have "subtley funny" names like his.

{He wasn't concerned about our girls having names like this because their last name would eventually change, when they get married}

My husbands name is Phillip Graves as in fill-up-graves like as in a graveyard, you know tombstones and all that.... (I find it funny that I always have to explain this) He wanted to name a boy, Berry. Berry! Alright nothing wrong with that name, but to me it sounds and looks like a girls name, like Straw BERRY shortcake. That is what came to my mind. What came to Phil's was, fill-up and bury graves. This was hilarious to him, but morbid and girly to me. I refused to name any son of mine Berry. So we would go back and forth with these sorts of names. Dug, Dig, Stone..... One day we are driving in the car having yet another discussion on names and out of nowhere Phil says to me,

"What about just Bear?"

And I was all,

"Bear? Like B-E-A-R?"

It was in that moment I was struck with a feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I knew that should we have a boy Bear would be his name. I just knew.
We didn't tell a soul.
When people asked what names we were thinking about we told them:


Because we still thought of those names, right ;)

The day of our baby's birth finally arrived, we welcomed him into the world bright and early in the morning. When they put my baby in my arms and told me he was a boy I was hardly surprised. I just thought, well duh, of course he's a boy. The midwife who delivered our baby asked us his name. Phil looked at me and said,

"Well she did all the work, its up to her."
I was a little taken aback by this, but after watching me give birth, this was a very smart thing for my husband to say. So I timidly told her that,

"We like Bear."

You could practically see her nose crinkle in disgust as she thought about it and said,

"Bear!..........Alright :/"

Then Phil added,

"He's our Baby Bear :)"

Then the midwife smiled wide and laughing said,

"Oh! Thats cute =D"

That's all it had taken for her to love the name.

This is generally the scenario everytime we tell someone new our son's name.
They say,

"Whats his name?"

We say,


They say,

"Bear! Like grrrr"

We say,

"Yes exactly"

They say,

"Like, B-E-A-R?"

We say,

"Thats right"

They look at Bear, look at us, smile and say, usually with a little laugh,

"Thats cute"


"I love that"


"Wow, that name really fits him"

I don't always know if they really mean it or not. It really doesn't matter either way. What I do know is that Bear's name fits him perfectly. He is totally a Bear.

And to make things better for Phil, his name is still subtley funny:

Bear N. Graves



you know, bare or barren as in empty


(Bear, grrrrr)


Shannon and Doug said...

haha! I love it. That is funny cuz your entire family has subtly funny names! They all go with graves. If you have another girl you should name her Robin. :)

The Mommyologist said...

I think it suits him just fine!!

I was SO terrified to tell anyone our son's name for fear of someone stealing it. It actually drove me nuts when people would ask me about his name while I was pregnant.

Now I'm thinking of having #2 and I'm already freaking out because I have a couple pregnant friends and I'm scared that they are going to take one of my favorite names before I get the chance to!!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I LOVE the process for picking this cute little boy's name! I think it's PERFECT! Yay, YOU guys!!

Dan/Kealy said...

Thanks for sharing the story-I like hearing how people come up with things like naming their kids, and since I wasn't in the family when Bear was born, it was fun to read! And I love his name-it does really fit him well!


Oh I just love hearing the stories behind others names. Thanks for sharing but now I want to hear about the rest.

Arizona Mamma said...

I love that your kids have such unique names. I am not just saying that! The story is great, and endearing actually.

What about Lyon? Have you told that one and I missed it?

Suzie said...

Hahaha, it all makes sense now! I love it! I get it, Lyon Graves, like "lie in a grave". I always wondered how you chose the names for your kiddos, now I know!