Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Exciting Surprise =/

I don't like telling my kids about things.
If we make plans to go over to someone's house or to go somewhere exciting.
(Like toy story 3)
I don't tell them until we get there or until we are nearly there.
At least normally I don't.
There are times when I have falsly thought that telling them about something exciting to look forward to would get them past a disappointment like a friend not being home.
Yes it's thought falsly because it never ever works.
It alway's manages to get them (Mainly Bear) pissed off at me and me pissed off at him.
His friend wasn't home, so I told him that after lunch we would get out a slip n' slide,
YES wooohooo!
I disappeared to put in a load of laundry and he raced to his room to get his bathing suit on.
I'm ready, he tells me.
Okay, but I said we'd get it out after lunch.
Uhhhhh, NOT AGAIN!!!
Tears streaming down his very angry face.
I calmly and nicely explain to him that it is too early in the morning to do the slip 'n' slide,
but after lunch........
Pretty sure that I'll be listening to him ask,
"How much longer?"
until I actually get it out....
Uhhhhh, not again!

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