Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moving help...

Alright this is a subject that has come up recently in my neck of the woods.
Particularly because it is summer and this seems to happen more frequently in the summertime.


Its a common fact that when you move you usually look for others to help you.
If you are going to be moving and people are going to be helping you,
you need to be ready for those people to come help you.

People may not want to help a lot of the time, but they usually will.
You are going to make those people a whole lot happier to be helping you by following these,

Rules of having Moving Help:

1- Have everything ready to go.
2- Boxes should be boxed, taped up, labeled, and ready to haul.
3- Furniture should be empty of personal belongings.
4- If you have animals lock them up somewhere out of the way.
(No one wants to trip over a cat or a dog while trying to carry a piano down a flight of stairs)
5- Have drinks ready to offer to those helping you.
(With all of the lifting and carrying, the moving help will probably get really thirsty.)
6- Remember that guy's don't like to be told to, "be careful that box is really heavy!"
(If your a woman and the box is heavy for you, chances are its not that heavy for a guy.)
7- Don't fuss, nothing is more annoying than someone fussing over you when you are trying to haul a bunch of heavy stuff in to a truck.

Remember, when a person hears that you need help moving they are expecting to come over carry some furniture and some boxes out to a truck or trailer, load it up and then be on their way. Should they show up to a mess of a house and you haven't even got any boxes packed up and you have to be all moved out that night.....Well, people are going to want to run screaming and crying from the house so they don't have to help.

People are willing to be your moving help if you are willing to make it as quick, efficient
(and easy) as possible.


Shell said...

We've been guilty of not having everything packed when people show up to help.

Briann said...

What an awesome post! I hope people thought we were organized. We had most of the boxes in our garage lined against the walls and a few through out the house.