Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby contests...

There was a time when I would participate in baby contests.
Okay I've entered my oldest son in two contests and that was way back when he was a baby.
I don't do them anymore.
Of course I'll tell you.

Baby contests aren't fair.
This coming from a Mom who's child has won (2nd place)

This is what I have noticed.

A-The cutest baby doesn't always win.
B-The parents are being judged as much as the babies.
C-The outfit or hairstyle of the baby are often what win.
D-The outfit and hairstyle of the parent help too.

It's really pathetic.
Do our children really need to win a contest to know that they are cute.
Do we need our children to win a contest to know that they are cute?

Absolutely not!

But we like to do it anyway, lol!

So here is the story of how I have come to this conclusion:

I entered Bear into our city baby contest four years ago. He was just a baby then.
The babies were to be wearing only white onsies (So as to make it seem fair).
I knew that if I took Bear and presented him to the judges he wouldn't have a shot at winning. I knew this because the previous week I had entered him into another city baby contest and being shy I didn't talk to the judges, didn't make eye contact,
didn't show just how cute my baby is. And my baby didn't win.

So, this time I had my husband present Bear to the judges. Superman was dressed to kill.

He looked HOT!

Not only was he looking his best, he has this personality that is so friendly and likable. He smiles he chats like he really wants to get to know you,
and actually he does want to get to know you.

All right, so he was looking so hot and acting so hot.
The girls who were the judges were practically swooning.
(Of course, Superman had no idea of his total hotness which made him that much hotter, lol!)

Unsurprisingly Bear won Second Place.

Why didn't he win first, you may wonder.
There was another baby. Probably equally cute as Bear. His Mom however could have looked better. It wasn't that she was ugly. It was more that she had had one of those days. You know the kind that you spend balled up on the couch crying while your kids throw cheerio's at you.

No? You don't have those days?

Well she had had one of those days.

The sight was enough to bring tears to your eyes. And there she stood with this look on her face of, "if my baby doesn't win I just don't think I can go on living! :'("

The judges took pity.

Her son won first place.

Now before you go thinking that the parent has nothing to do with it. Let me tell you about the third place baby. He was adorable. His hair up in a feux-hawk. He was only in a little white onsie but you could just see him wearing a leather jacket and biker garbe.


His Mom, I can't even remember what she looked like, which means she was completely forgetable. Did her baby win, even though he really should have, no he didn't.

Like I said, not fair, and quite pathetic.
That is why I don't enter my kids in baby contests.

Even though I think that they are the cutest kids EVER!

What you don't know is,
I may have exaggerated the state of the first place baby's mom,
The fist place baby had a shock of red hair that totally stood out against the white onesies,
And Bear may have really won 2nd only because he gave all the judges a high five followed by an undeniably adorable knuckle knock.
The knuckles apparently weren't enough to out do a shock of red hair.

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Shmonae said...

haha I agree, baby contest are wierd... I would love to see an ugly baby THAT would be funny!