Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dealing with Stealing...

We went to a baseball game last week.
Bear begged me to take him to the Owlz store to look at the bats.
I took him and Lyon, insisting that we weren't going to buy anything.
(Can you see where this is going?)

I'll admit as we walked through the store looking at the different items, I was really tempted to buy the boys lots of fun baseball souvenirs.
I didn't.

We left the store with Lyon insisting that he wanted this and that for his birthday which has now come and gone. I told him, maybe.

Fast forward to the morning after the baseball game.
Eating breakfast I notice Bear has a necklace chain sticking out from under his shirt.

I ask him, "Hey what do you have around your neck."
I was genuinly curious.

He says, "A necklace, I made it."

Me (I know what that means), "Really! Wow Bear, that's really impressive!"

He says, "Yeah, it's a baseball necklace."

Me, "Really!"
My heart is breaking more and more as he digs himself deeper and deeper into his lie.

"Yeah, an Owlz necklace see, I made it and then painted it."

"Wow, you should make another one for Lyon's birthday."

Long pause......

Then Bear says, "So Mom, when are we going to another Owlz game."

I reply with a disappointment in my voice, "I don't know it might be a while."

Bear says, "Will we go before Lyon's birthday?"

Now I am trying to hold back my laughter, "Probably not."

Then Bear says a little nervous now, "Well I made the necklace at the game."

Oh boy, I think I feel a gray hair sprouting...


blueviolet said...

Oh boy.....

The Mecham Family said...

Oh no! So sad...

Damaris said...

so what did you do? I'm super curious. I have no idea what I would do if my 4 year old had done something like this. It seems like you handles it well.

We live in a Zoo! said...

Lol! I took him back to the shop had him pay for the necklace (with his own money) and apologize. Then I threw the necklace away right in front of him. I told him that when we steal we are throwing somebody else's money away just like I threw the necklace away. Or something like that. I hope it got through to him, only time will tell I suppose ;D
I owe the idea to my friend Kendra, she told me that is what her mom used to do. I thought it was the only way to go with this situation.