Monday, July 5, 2010

Dinner menu

I hate coming up with dinner menu's of course once I've got one decided, it's all downhill and easy fun from there, (you will understand what I mean by reading this post)
I have no problem coming up with a winter time menu.
Because I want hot meals.
During the summer its a whole lot harder, it makes me want to cry, "Help me!!!"
And I usually do, but this is one thing that Superman almost never comes to the rescue for.

So since I couldn't find any help out there on the internet, I am making my own, so perhaps I may help someone else out there with this same problem.


Amy said...

Didn't even know you had another blog! But I love the menu. I really need to do that because I never can think of what to make...especially in the summer! And you just reminded me of one of my favorite recipes...Hawaiin Haystacks!

The Mecham Family said...

The menu looks good... can't wait for you to post the recipes!