Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As I lay in bed last night, my mind going a hundred thoughts a minute, at least a thousand blog post ideas gone in and out of my mind in the blink of an eye.
I started to think about breastfeeding and it's, please don't look, awkwardness.

The word "Don't" entered into my thought filled mind.
It floated in along with another thought, clung to another and then found a cozy spot to sit and wait for me to use it in a creatively thoughtful way.

I thought to myself:
Why do we always look when someone says, "Don't look"
Every time!
It takes extreme self discipline to NOT look.
Not because we necessarily WANT to look, it's just that phrase beckons for us to look.

That's it!
I thought to myself.

The word "Don't" is a trigger word.

It must be.

You tell someone don't and they do!

I tell my kids don't too many times to count in a single day.
And it's really no surprise that they do.

That word don't.
Don't use it!


blueviolet said...

You're right. We do look instantly with that warning. It's so weird!

Amy said...

They tell us that at my work (which is a day care). So you have to get used to using what they call "positive language." You know, "Running in the room is NOT OK!" or "Hitting our friends is NOT OK!" That sort of thing. It's actually really hard to do! And...it doesn't always work...

Tylaine said...

So true! The more I say don't the more my kids do. Then again if I say do they will do too so either way they'll do what not to. What to say then??