Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Excuse me Mr. Police Officer, I am a scout...

There was a police officer at my house this morning.
He had his cruisers lights and sirens on, he brought out his taser...
Whoa, cool!

He was there doing a demonstration for scouts.
Yes, I am an Assistant Scout Leader, and sometimes we hold scouts at my house.
You know you are ;D

So there was a police officer at my house.
He talked to the boyscouts about what it is a police officer does.
And what the boys as citizens can do to help police officers do there job.

Bear was VERY impressed.
When the police officer walked in my door Bear leaned over to me and whispered,
"I like his gun."
Of course that was the first thing he noticed.

Bear disappeared into his room for a few minutes emerging as a police officer.
He had his squirt gun (yes unfortunately it has come to that around here)
He had his flashlight, and he put padding inside his jacket for his bullet proof vest.
(Don't ask me how the denim jacket showing his chest and belly, and the black sweatpants are police uniform duds. I've given up trying to understand Bears choice in costume wear.)

He informed me that he is going to guard our house tonight.
He really is, he insists, he is going to" guard the house the whole night and sleep in the day."
That is what he told me.
We'll see how difficult it is to talk him out of it tonight, because he won't forget about it.

Life is definitely not dull around here, that is for sure.

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The Mecham Family said...

I love Bear. He is so creative!