Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm grateful.... Waterproof mattress pad review, sort of ;D

Today I am thankful for waterproof mattress covers.
And waterproof mattress pads.

I don't really think I need to gross you out with the details, but lets just say that my 2 year old's mattress has been saved from what could have been a fatal layer, um, grossness.

I'll tell you, these are the moments that I really know that there IS
a loving and caring Heavenly Father (God)

Lyon (my 2 year old) has his free agency, he can make his choices, though there are consequences, and neither me nor the Lord can stop him from making those choices.

He made a choice last night.
Oh, it was a choice all right, little stinker!
(Though even if it were an accident the same thought applies as to Heavenly Fathers help.)
That choice could have been today's torture, but it's not. Only because I have a waterproof mattress cover and a waterproof mattress pad covering his mattress. ;D

I know that Heavenly Father cares because only he could have had the forethought to inspire one of his children
( and I do think it came from Him)
to invent the waterproof mattress pad/cover.

I can see it now, a young mother crying over the loss or further stink of yet another mattress.
Then the idea.
"I could be spared this grief if the mattress were covered in plastic, the wetness then couldn't even reach the mattress, and all would be well!"
The inspiration coming from Heavenly Father of course.

All I can say is Thank the Lord!
And then, thank those who listened and then acted on that inspiration.
For otherwise my boys would be sleeping in stink, or I'd be out looking for another new mattress ;D


Stephanie said...

haha i think i know what you're talking about ;) and for your sake, i am glad there are waterproof mattress pads too! haha! love you rose!!

Shell said...

Thank God for those covers!