Friday, July 16, 2010

What's in a name, Lyon...

Naming Lyon was an interesting task.
We had Bear, but animal names wasn't really a theme we were trying for.

Our theme was/is "names that are inconspicuously funny"
Like Phil's,
Phillip Graves - Fill up graves

We knew we needed to come up with something unique and awesome.
We had to, we didn't want our second baby to grow up being known only as Bears little brother/sister.
And who would ever remember the "other kids" name when the big brothers name is Bear.

Phil suggested Lion from the start.
I didn't like it from the start.
It just didn't ring right to me.

We played with a few other names.
Ryno is the only one I can remember.
And I didn't like it.

I can't remember how far along in my pregnancy I was when...

I was watching the travel channel.
Someone on some show was traveling around in France.
A map filled the TV screen and then I saw it.
The city/town/village who knows,
of Lyon, France.

I 've always had a bit of a crush on France.
I've always wanted to go there, always wanted to speak the language.
I took french classes in Jr. High, but that is as far as my french language learning went.
I was pretty good at it though and even taught my older sister how to say,
"I don't speak french."
In french.
So she would have something to say when she traveled there.
Lucky girl.

Anyway so I saw that city on the map.
I fell in love.

"Phil." I said, "We can name the baby Lion if we spell it L-Y-O-N."

So those of you who all this time thought that Lyon was named for an animal,
now you know he was named for a city in France.

I love my Lyon, and someday I think I'll take him there.
Just so we can get a picture in front of a sign with his name on it. ;D

And so I can teach him to say,
"Je ne parle pas francais!"

The name fits.
He is totally a Lyon!

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Dan/Kealy said...

I've totally seen Lyon spelled that way so many times since you named him that. Dan and I even took a picture of a Lyon's golf course or something like that. I'll have to send you the picture when I find it :)