Tuesday, August 31, 2010


And the letter goes out to....

Dear Bear,
You are now a kindergartener.
Your life from this moment on will never be the same.
You will learn,
you will grow,
you will meet new people,
you will do new things,
you will have a new environment to shape you,
you are out in the world without me right beside you to protect you.
To protect you from all that is wrong in this world.

Remember that there is more good than there is bad.
Remember that with work, determination, and fortitude dreams come true.
Remember that you really can do anything!
(Except fly like the Superman on TV, lets be realistic here)
So, you can do anything that is humanly possible.

Always strive for more.
More knowledge,
more friends,
more happiness,
more joy.

Know that school is something that can be used for your advantage.
Work hard, do your assignments, learn all that you possibly can.
Don't worry so much about your grades, worry more about how much you are learning.

In the end of everything all that really ends up mattering
is family, friends, and how much knowledge you've gathered.

Knowledge will get you where you need to go,
it will help you find your way when you are lost,
it will map out your future,
it will make you stronger,
it will make life easier,
it will make you happier.
Knowledge is the greatest thing you will ever pay for.

Knowledge is something you can never lose,
it's something that is priceless.
Hold onto it tight and gather all you can.

Most of all make learning a fun and enjoyable thing.
Love it and it will find you.


Stephanie said...

I CANNOT believe he is in kindergarten!! He looks so cute and excited for his first day of school! I can't wait to hear about it!!

blueviolet said...

He's in the big time with kindergarten now, and you're so right in how important education is!

Dan/Kealy said...

Wow, I love your letter! And I can't believe Bear's in kindergarten either. We'll have to skype you guys soon so he can tell us about it :)