Friday, August 27, 2010


Yes, you read that title correctly.
I am up this early AM to tend to some Triplets!!!
No, not mine.

There is a family nearby who have recently added a group of triplets to their family.
How awesome is that?
Totally awesome :D

Any of you out there who have twins, triplets, or more....
I salute you.

I am up at 2 AM getting ready to head over to this fine families house and help them with the early AM feeding and changing of these babies.

Oh, it is worth the loss of sleep.

Those sweet little darling babies are quite new, quite tiny, and quite cute.

And I get to hold them!

How lucky am I to have the privilege of helping with these triplets.
So lucky!

And the best part is, after three hours I'll have had my share of baby holding, feeding, and changing and I won't have to worry about having to do it all night.
All day.
All night.
All day.

Without any sleep.

Oh the sleep deprivation!

And even better, because there is a whole army of kindly folk like myself.

The mom and dad of those triplets won't be suffering sleep deprivation either.

How awesome are us kindly folk?

So awesome!!!



The Mecham Family said...

Super Hero Awesome! Hope you wore your super hero shirt!

Shell said...

That is awesome of you to help! I imagine that without help, those parents would get no sleep!

Helene said...

Speaking of a mom of multiples (multiple multiples!!), I can honestly say that you are doing a wonderful thing helping this family. Just the fact that you deprived yourself of sleep so you could help them catch up on their zzzz's shows what a generous and amazing person you are! I'm sure they appreciate you more than you know!!!!

Karen said...

Rose, I remember helping Rachelle Durtchsi with her twin baby boys when they were first born. I would go over and help with bathes and hold them and feed them. It was so much fun for me and she loved having the company and the extra hands! Glad you got to enjoy this. I bet the parents are so grateful! <3