Monday, September 27, 2010

Dannon vanilla yogurt

Yes, that is my daughter under a table,
 and that is spilt Dannon vanilla yogurt on the floor next to her.

Yes, that is my daughter dipping her finger into the spilt Dannon vanilla yogurt
 that is on my living room carpet under a table.

Yes, that is my daughter licking the Dannon vanilla yogurt 
off the finger that she dipped into the spilt Dannon vanilla yogurt. 

And yes, I am the mother that sits and takes pictures of my daughter eating Dannon vanilla yogurt off the floor instead of trying to stop her and clean up the mess.

Don't worry, I did get her and the floor cleaned up after I captured the moment on "film".


Tylaine said...

Precious pictures and these are precious moments. I think more often we need to stop and take pictures instead of worrying about cleaning up messes or whatever. Years later we will look back on these sweet pictures and be so glad we did!

Amber said...

How can you not take pictures of that cute, sweet little girl??

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

I like your kinda mom better then the mom who gets annoyed, cleans it up and pretends like her house is spotless all the time! :-)

Da fly-guy said...

You aren't gonna do not'n 'bout it? My mom sure would.

Dan/Kealy said...

cute little girl!