Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fire in the sky

Was there fire in the sky or was something actually burning?

Sunday afternoon we are at Supermans parents house.
He says to his parents, "Where is that fire at?"
I'm like, "Fire, what fire?"
Everyone is like, "Can't you smell that smoke?"
I'm like, "Nooooooo."

Yeah, I couldn't smell anything.
After spending the afternoon outside we were on our way back home.
With my window open and the wind blowing in my face I finally caught a faint wiff of smoke.
One second of smoke and it was gone.
I haven't smelt anything since.

I had no idea there was a fire and I didn't believe that there was one until I saw the sunset on Sunday night.
Like a fire in the sky.
The sun was hot pink, we could see it clearly as it sank low in the sky.

We found out the next morning that there was a huge fire in Herriman, UT which is located some miles north of where we are at.
Several houses were burned and a number of people were evacuated.
Fire is like that.

Utah, like a lot of other places, tends to have fires every summer.
This summer we've been spared the numerous fires that rage across 
our dry desert fields and brush covered mountains,
but fire found an opportunity and took it.

It's amazing the beauty that fire can create while simultaneously wrecking havoc.

I'm telling you, it is like fire in the sky, seriously.


The Mecham Family said...

Amazing pics Rose!!

Chelle said...

I heard about that fire! And those pictures are amazing...seriously looks like the sky is on fire