Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boys will be boys...

Boys will be boys, won't they?
Yes, they will.
Boys will especially be boys when they are dressed up as super heros,
and they are pretending that the one boy not dressed as a super hero is the bad guy.
He was Curious George for crying out loud!

His own big brother Bear (dressed up as his own creation "Super D") threw a dirt clod at him.
It hit him in the face.
Clearly Bear was a little too lost in the game to realize that that was not a good idea.
Not only did it scratch up Lyon's nose, it gave him a bloody nose as well.
Lyon's reaction was to bury his face in his hands and rub his blood all over his face.
It made for an interesting costume.
Or maybe scary is a better word for it, lol!
I did not leave it there, lol, I cleaned it off!

You wouldn't think that blood would really be that bright red.
It looks like paint.
It's not.
It's the result of boys being boys.


Wendy and Michael said...

Omgosh!! I can't believe that!! Poor Lyon!

Shell said...

OMG! Poor thing!

The Mecham Family said...

The makings for a great blog post!

blueviolet said...

Oh my word...poor little tike!