Monday, December 20, 2010

I am not driving my truck in a winter wonderland...

Not by choice.
Today as I was leaving to pick up my son from kindergarten my truck stalled.
I was in the process of backing out of my driveway.
At first I thought maybe I'd run out of gas.
I was certain it wasn't the battery because the radio was still working.
Until it wasn't.
Nothing was working anymore after a few minutes.

So there I sat, in my truck with my two little ones.
The truck sat half on my driveway and half on the street.
Well, at least it isn't blocking traffic.
Yeah it is still sitting there.

What can I do?

I got a ride home for Bear.

I called Superman at work.

I stood in the falling snow looking dumbfounded.

I opened the hood and took a look.
It just seemed like the thing to do.

Then a good friend offered to help.
We tried this we tried that, the truck wouldn't start.

Still I'm grateful for friends willing to help.

I am not pissed off about the whole thing.
I am actually smiling because it is kind of funny.
To think where my truck is currently sitting.

What will people think?
That some woman didn't know how to park on the driveway.
That maybe I couldn't see it.
That I got stuck and couldn't make it up the slight incline.
Who knows.....

For now it'll just have to leave people wondering though ;D


The Mecham Family said...

Oh no~ Hope no one hits it! Because then it would no longer be funny. ;)

truck accessories said...

Just keep your truck in your garage until winter ends :)