Monday, December 6, 2010

vacuum cleaner

Guess why she is crying...

Go ahead, guess....
Okay,  I'll tell you.

She is crying because her necklace, the one around her ankles in the picture below, 
is stuck in my vacuum cleaner.
She put it there.
Then she tried to pry her necklace out with her toys.
She couldn't get it out.
So she started to cry.

I turned the vacuum cleaner upside down and the necklace was rescued.
Fenix was happy.
So, she promptly put the necklace back into the vacuum cleaner.
I didn't get it out.
I said I'd do it later.
Then I forgot.

I found it later.
When my vacuum cleaner 
(that I had been trying to use non-stop to suck up building dust and carpet debris)
stopped working due to a massive obstruction.
It took at least an hour to unclog it.
And what was the last thing that I pulled out of my now working vacuum cleaner?
Fenix's necklace.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that.....
I washed it and gave it back to Fenix.

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