Friday, January 14, 2011

Its my own fault really, for not using the eyes in the back of my head...

It's my own fault really, 
I should be a better example by not climbing into the drawers and cupboards my self.... 

It's my own fault really,
for giving her free reign in the bathroom... 

 It's my own fault really,
I shouldn't encourage the little ones to chop off their fingers....
(That'd be my mixer, in the time it took for me to take out the trash these little stinkers managed to get out the mixer put on the attachments, plug it in, and turn it on.
It was going full blast when I came in.
Nothing short of horrifying!
However they are really really smart and knew better than to stick their fingers in something that might cause them pain thus fingers are still attached....)

It's my own fault really,
I don't know why it just is...
(That'd be the back of a chair at Carls Jr that she is licking there....)

It's my own fault really,
if I just kept a TV at the dining room table my kids would probably be more likely to eat their breakfast there instead of on the floor of my bedroom.
(This is the first thing I saw when I woke-up this morning.  Thank goodness for big brothers who know how to make their own breakfast cereal and share that skill with those who don't know how ;D

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Arizona Mamma said...

It's not a good example to climb into drawers? Good to know.

Love this post. Your humor always makes me laugh.