Monday, January 10, 2011

piercing baby ears...

I don't think I ever mentioned what I got my baby girl 
(actually this was really for Superman)
for Christmas.

Yep, I gave in and let her ears get pierced.
Aren't they adorable on her.
She did cry.
Only for a minute.
(Superman has the photos of that on his iphone)

So why the change of heart?
Well, I noticed my friends daughter has pierced ears.
I asked her if she liked her earrings.
She said she did.
So I asked my friend for details.
How old her daughter was when they were pierced.
How she reacted, etc...
The answers were good, not scary, not horrifying.
So I told Superman Merry Christmas.
It was in fact fine and Fenix loves her "pretties"
Thanks Tahsha, couldn't' have done it without you ;D


blueviolet said...

Fenix looks adorable! I think my daughter was two when we did hers and I was worried she'd mess with them, but she didn't.

The Mecham Family said...

I think earrings on baby girls are adorable!! Cole didn't want me to do it to Shyler so we waited. But Fenix looks so cute!

Dan/Kealy said...

WAY cute!!