Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vocalizing silently...

Today I'd just like to tell you that I love my computer.
Due to a recent, er ahem, "injury" I am not supposed to do much vocalizing, or smiling, or laughing!
At first it seemed like keeping my mouth shut would be no problem.
Well it's a problem!
Face to face I have a hard time communicating without talking, smiling, and laughing.
However on my computer/phone/ipad I can talk all I want.
I can laugh (LOL!)  I can smile :)  I can frown :(
I can make an angry face :@
Well I can try anyway, lol!
 Thank goodness for texting, email, and facebook....
Sadly I cannot facebook myself food.
Or tell my kids,
It's going to be a loooong recovery....

What!  This kind of bandage works on TV! 

PS-I have been experiencing severe jaw pain on the right side of my face due to muscle spasms.
No idea what caused the problem, just an idea of how to fix it.

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Shannon and Doug said...

Youchers! So sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better super fast!