Friday, June 24, 2011

April 4, 2011

When I woke-up this morning I felt like I was dying.
The headache rising from it's slumber,
the light, dizzy, aching head.
With it comes nausea so fierce I wonder how I can possibly get up today.
How can I possibly make it through this one day?
I can't, not without help.

Superman leaves for work.
I am left alone for now.
For now, lasts a minute.
Fenix is awake and I need to wake up Bear and Lyon.
First thing first, breakfast.
I don't eat though.
I'd rather starve for now.

I start the treacherous climb that is getting Bear ready for school.
How can I possibly make it through this day?
I can't, not without help.

I call my neighbor who had offered to take Bear to school.
Mustering up my strength I take a deep breath,
"Good morning!"
I tell her in my brightest cheeriest voice.
Desperately trying to hold it together.

We converse,
and she offers the miracle I need.
She'll take Bear to school.

Now I've just got to get him ready and out the door.

Fenix and Lyon have eaten breakfast,
and are watching some television in my room.
I gratefully crawl back into my bed, slowly easing my poor body down onto the soft comfort.

Superman calls.
We've got a problem.
The truck has a flat tire.

I've got to heave myself up out of bed, get Lyon and Fenix dressed,
get myself dressed, and drive to Superman to save him.

You just can't appreciate the difficulty of this task unless you've experienced it for yourself. 
I would have rather died.
I really would have!

It took a lifetime to get dressed,
 carefully and slowly so as not to shake my body to much,
as that would bring on terrible gagging spasms.
I manage to get us all ready to go,
we step outside,
and there sits an enormous pile of snow on top of my car.
Or more specifically, my cars windshield.
Not only is it huge,
It had started to melt,
but then froze again.
I've got to hack a foot of ice off my windshield.


I wrote this post way back at the beginning of April.
I never finished it because I felt too sick, lol!

I'd still rather be expecting a baby in November,
but since I am not...

Not being pregnant has its perks ;D

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