Monday, September 5, 2011

For those of you who wanted to know the rest of my story...

Superman and I talked it over.
We decided that it'd be alright for me to post the rest of the story,
as long as I post it all at once.

So I will be posting it.

Be aware that it is a very private kind of matter.
Not the kind of thing one is SUPPOSED to talk about.
It should be secret...

But I don't want it to be.
It's a story that I would want to hear about.
So that is why I want to share it.

I am shy about it.
I am embarrassed about it.
It makes me nervous to tell.
But I've grown so much...

So I hope you enjoy the story,
and keep in mind that it has a happy ending.
Don't get stuck in the "bad" parts.
Read the whole thing if you are going to read it.

I still have it written as individual posts for the different days.
So you'll have to remember to start at the beginning.

I have the story written,
I just need Superman to edit,
as soon as he does it will be posted.

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