Monday, October 31, 2011

Whaley house...

Did I ever tell you about taking my boys to a haunted house?
Not just any haunted house, but
"the most haunted house in America".

We were in San Diego, visiting old town, the mormon battalion, etc,
and we kept driving past this haunted house.
My boys insisted that we go.
I planned to just walk past it, but they wanted to go in sooooo bad...
I'll admit, I kind of did too...
You have to buy tickets for a tour in order to go in, of course.
So I bought myself, Bear, and Lyon tickets.
Superman took Sissy off for a stroll to wait for us.
So my two little boys and I entered the haunted ghostly house and sat down in a room full of pews...  
I think it was the town court house back in the day...
So we walk in and take our seats,
I was immediately feeling ill.
Before we even sat down.
Pain in my chest, I felt nauseated and light headed...
We had visited a Mexican restaurant for dinner that was located across the street and I think I had a few too many spicy chips and way too much dr pepper.
My stomach was hurting too, and I was a bit worried as I didn't want to have to leave...
we'd paid for crying out loud!
I also didn't want to disappoint my boys who were certain they would see a ghost.

So the tour starts,
we listen to all sorts of fun freaky stories of the people who had died in and around the house.
We listen to stories about the people who lived there,
all sorts of adventures...

We'd move to different rooms throughout the house and sit in seats that were provided.
We gathered in long hallways, and steep staircases, learning all sorts of interesting details about these strangers lives from long ago.

I was still feeling ill.
I had a hard time making it safely up the stairs,
and coming down I thought I was going to die.
My chest hurt!
I was so woozy!
If I wasn't dying than surly it was food poisoning...
Some rational part of me must have known better,
because I made it through the entire tour.
Even with Lyon jumping all over me.
Even being in tight inescapable crowded rooms,
I made it through in one piece.

As the tour ended we stood at the doorway to leave, 
but not before hearing one more ghost story.

The woman of the house.
The mother, is said to haunt the house.
Her presence is said to be felt mostly by mothers of young children.
Her presence can be felt particularly strong on the stair case.
Her presence usually being feelings of pain in the chest.
Light headedness....

My whole body started to tingle.
My skin tightened against me.
I stood there wide eyed listening to the tour guide describe exactly
how I'd been feeling since I entered the house! 
Particularly going up and down the staircase.

I walked out of there in a bit of shock.
Bear was disappointed that he hadn't seen a ghost.
Poor Lyon just wanted to get out of there and go to the beach.

We walked down the stairs of the front porch and started up the hill 
leading to Superman, Fenix, and our truck.

Maybe it was the fresh air,
maybe it was the wide open space,
maybe it was simply that the sun was setting and the world was cooling down,
but I'll tell you what,
the second I left that house,
all ghostly presence left me.
No more chest pain,
no more lightheadedness,
no more woozyness....

I think so.
Happy Halloween everybody!!!

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