Friday, December 16, 2011


Do you know what?
I am so lucky!
I am so blessed!
I am so thankful!

What about?

Babysitters :D

This last year I have been to the doctor more times than I can count.
I am just so very very very grateful for everyone who has helped make my appointments easier to attend by watching my kids.

First and foremost there is Auntie Stephanie, my sister in law.
Have I told you how amazing Stephanie is?
She is so good with kids!
My kids love her!
She has so willingly watched after my kids more times than I can count.
I am so grateful to her.
She is the best!
Really and truly THE BEST!!!

I have so many other people to be thankful for,
for watching my kids when Stephanie couldn't.

My Mom
and Mom in law,
my sweet sisters,
my cool brothers,
my neat-o brother in laws,
my wonderful neighbors and friends.

I am surrounded by awesome people.
And I am thankful :D