Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've got that joy joy joy joy.....

Do you know what?
I love waking up in the morning, really really early!

Most people seem to think I am a night person,
probably because I have a tendency to want to stay up late.
I think there is a small part in my subconsciousness that is afraid I'll miss something if I go to sleep.
So I stay up late,
and then come morning I don't want to wake-up.

But every now and then I am reminded how much I love waking up early in the morning.
And of how much more I enjoy the days when I've gotten up
and exercised,
and showered,
and eaten breakfast,
and taken my medication, lol!
All before the day is over.
Heck, before the morning is over :D

It is just that much easier to find joy during the day.
Rather than stress...

Yes, that would be Tang powder they are eating out of the canister,
and spilling all over my iPad, the table, and the floor.
That wasn't today, but were it, I would have laughed a lot harder than I did then...

That's the kind of thing I miss in the morning when I don't wake-up  ;D

Happy Valentines day everybody,
if you have no one to love,
love yourself,

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