Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I have this tendency.
I DO NOT like being told what to do.
Being bossed around.
Not getting to make my own choice/decision in a matter....
I hear "no you can't" and immediately start planning how I CAN.
Interestingly enough you'd think I'd have used this rebellious nature of mine as a means of getting into trouble...
You'd think I'd have been breaking all the rules and heading out on the high way to hell, lol!
But no.
Somehow my brain uses my rebellion for good not evil. ;D
Growing up I was told and taught that my peers would try to pressure me into doing naughty things like drugs, alcohol, etc... I took that "knowledge" and swore my peers would never pressure me into any of those things. As it happens, to this day I've never even been offered a cigarette, I've never smoked one on my own accord either, lol! In fact all those things I was warned I'd be pressured into, I never was....
Superman happens to be the oldest of his siblings. With all the responsibilities and trail blazing that come with being the oldest he's been instilled with the right to ask his siblings to do and accomplish tasks.
Every single time he does this I am over come with intense feelings of rebellion. And I tell him that he can't just tell other people what to do!
This usually ends in fits of laughter on my part when I recognize that my stubborn rebellious nature has kicked into gear for someone else's sake, lol!
Incidentally my older siblings often tell me what to do, and guess what, I usually do end up doing what they've asked... Sometimes anyway...
So my point.
For the last two weeks my stomach has wanted very little to do with food. Common sense tells me to back off the solids and go for liquids such as juice and broth. So what do I do? I eat burgers and hotdogs, soda and ice cream, chips and burritos.
Yesterday I went to maceys and got a box of cupcakes. I've never liked cupcakes, and yet I ate 4 of the 6 cupcakes. Just because my stomach tells me not to...
Most of the time (just in the last two weeks) above mentioned food ends up being violently rejected by my stomach, barfing is getting to be as regular an occurrence as washing my hands, lol!
Fortunately every now and then I manage to stubbornly refuse to throw up long enough to digest something. Like the four cupcakes,
I kept them down, success!!!!
Which may account for the weight I've gained in the last two weeks, lol!
And now that I recognize my irrational rebellion of broth, I can rebel against it. It's a carrot juice for breakfast, broth for lunch kind of day today.
Just try to tell me it's not, go head and try ;)

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