Monday, March 26, 2012

Doctor Jones...

I went to pick up Lyon from pre-school today. Before Fenix and I left our house we made sure to lock up. All doors and windows secured we headed out.
On our front door we have a "hotel lock" chain installed. Not so much to keep people out as to keep little toddlers in. We don't usually leave with it locked, but I didn't think about it as we left through our garage.
I got Lyon, ran a few errands, and then returned home.
My truck doesn't have a garage door opener so when we pulled up on our driveway I decided to just park there and go in through the front door. Arms laden with coats, bags, keys, and phones I made getting to the front door as difficult as possible. Struggled to get the handle and dead bolt unlocked only to have the door jerk to a hard stop when it'd opened two inches. The hotel lock held firm.
Arms still laden with their burden I back tracked to the garage door and typed in the code. The door opened a foot before jerking to an abrupt hault. What the heck!
I put in the code again and again, but that door wasn't going anywhere. I groaned, it is freaking cold outside today, lol! So I did the only thing that there was left to do.
I handed my phones off to Lyon and rolled through the gap under the garage door in pseudo Indiana jones fashion. It was a lot harder than I thought it'd be. Had that door been in the process of shutting I don't think I would have made it before getting squished, lol! But I managed, I got back up and was able to open the garage all the way so Lyon and Fenix could walk on in. they would have none of that. So I closed the door leaving a two foot gap so they could roll in just like me :D


Steph & Aaron said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious! But I'm sure at the time it was anything BUT hilarious. Love it!

The Mecham Family said...

Good thing your aren't fat! haha

The Mecham Family said...
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