Saturday, April 28, 2012

And Lyon says...

Lyon's outside hopping around in Fenix's sleeping bag when he falls off the back porch.
He starts crying that he's broken his leg. So I pull him onto my lap while he cries and cries all forlorn that he'll never be able to walk again and that he'll only be able to hop and how that is not fair!
At which point Bear chimes in that it is fair because Lyon ate all the Popsicles.
Lyon carries on about how he'll need to go see a doctor.
Now his leg was no where near broken, he'd barely stubbed his toe, so I mentioned that I happen to be a doctor myself, because
I am doctor Mom.
Lyon stopped his crying for a minute to think this through. He finally tells me that I'm not a doctor because doctors go to doctor places.
Bear chimes in again,
"Lyon," he says exasperated.
"Mom goes to the doctor all of the time!"
That made me laugh.
He continued,
"Moms got the most hurtingest tummy in the world!"
That made me lmao!
I told Lyon i could fix his foot really easily, he asked me how.
I told him all it'd take was a kiss from doctor mom.
I kissed his foot.
He insists my kiss didn't help, but he's up and walking, so I'm going to go ahead and claim his recovery on my impressive healing skills. ;D

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