Monday, April 2, 2012

Squeeze the juice!

Superman has started a diet!
Never thought i'd see the day that this happened, Phil is just too easy going to be a dieter....
Well he watched Fat, sick, and nearly dead on Netflix and promptly went out and bought a juicer.
The goal is sixty days of nothing but juice and nuts.
For the last month he's just been getting used to the juicer, trying out different vegetable juice combinations and mentally preparing himself for sixty days without cheese ;D.
He's made some pretty nasty concoctions, but with my help and tweaking we've managed to come up with several good juices. Who'd have thought that grape juice with radish juice could be so tasty....
Add some celery, carrots,
and a sprig of parsley and dang that's some good juice.
Another good one which basically tastes like the best salsa you've ever had and have sworn you could drink... Tomatoes, red pepper, garlic, one of those tiny red onions, parsley or cilantro, a slice of peeled lemon, and of course a bit of jalapeƱo.
So freaking good!!!
Then of course there are the green juices which are just greens like spinach, kale, green apples, and several other things that I can't remember names for. He switches all these things around for a few different green juice options.
The man started this juice diet on Saturday (I think) and has already lost five pounds (the goal is forty) which cannot be blamed on bathroom trips (surprisingly) or dehydration. Although I guess I didn't ask him if he had his keys phones wallet and special pens ;) in his pockets at his first weigh in.... I mean together those could easily weigh five pounds....
Whatever the case the fresh juice is the yummiest juice I've ever had. Puts the taste of dr pepper to shame, and that's saying something!!!!
We'll all just have to watch and see if this juice diet works for my Superman. In the mean time I will just sit back and enjoy a glass or two of the good stuff myself, it's the most nutrition I've been able to keep down the last three weeks and is a heck of a lot better than cupcakes and ice cream :)

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