Friday, October 3, 2008

My ugly old couch

from his parents basement storage room about 4 years ago. It has served us well. It is very comfortable, is big enough for the two of us, and has with stood probably more than twenty years of abuse.
However I have still been wanting a beautiful new couch since we bought our new house. I don't like to make such big purchases for things we don't really need unless we have the cash saved, so I have simply made due with this one.
The poor old thing has become sadly threadbare, and although I have tried to stitch the holes back together it simply has made no difference. My two little boys torture it by pulling out the fluff and pulling on the unraveling threads. I have countered these acts by covering the cushions with a blanket. (the blue one in the picture above)
As the days have passed I have noticed just how dirty this blanket gets. What with two boys wiping their hand and faces and unfortunately boogers too, the blanket is increasingly dirty. Luckily all I have to do is pull it off and throw it in the washing machine, but through all of this I wondered. Just how dirty are my couches without the shield of a blanket?


So as my boys grow and are no longer smearing bananas and whatnot on my couch I think then it will be time for a new and beautiful couch. As for now I think I will simply thank my old ugly couch for taking all its taken and pray that it will hold together for just a little bit longer.


Wendy and Michael said...

LOL!!! Too Cute!!

andrew and charonne said...

thanks for your comments, you know i love 'em! Also when you do get a new couch, go with micro fiber,evrything just wipes right off, and rc willey has great prices. We got a couch, love seat, over stuffed chair and otto man and coffee table and 2 end tables for 1500 bucks, it is sucha nice living room set for such a great a month after we got it our niece and nephew slept over and my nephew told pee'd on it, but it was so eeasy to clean!

HeatherDelRio said...

Hey I have a couch and a love blue leather...want them?!!! I am not kidding....Oh yeah this is your cousin...Heather!