Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Lyon put Bear's helmet on and thought he was so cool. Of course, I have to admit, he was. When it was time for Bear to put it back on Lyon was so upset, he did not want to take it off. LOL!

Here is Lyon Playing at the park. We go almost every single day and the boys always have a blast. Lyon tries to do everything Bear does, and it absolutly terrifies me. But he has so much fun and he loves to go down the slides. He goes down feet first on his belly. I love to see him walk up to the slides, even the big ones, and go down without hesitation, no matter how worried I am, I am glad that he isn't afraid. :D

Here Bear has found a friend. He and some other kids about Bears age showed up while we were there. Bear immediately introduces himself and then asks each of them their name. They then started playing. This boy in the picture above was showing Bear how to jump off of the contraption in the picture. I couldn't hear all of the instructions he gave Bear, but I did hear him say,
"you tighten your muscles and then you release"
LOL! I just thought that was a funny line to come from a three yr. old. Anyway Bear showed no fear and jumped, I got the picture mid-jump. :) After the boy asked Bear if he wanted to play tag Bear had no idea what that was so the boy explained that he was "it" and then tagged Bear and said "now your "it" and you have to chase me and tag me"
Bear loved this he didn't care that he was "it" the whole time I think he thought they were just running around. Every time he ran past me he would yell,
"Mom, I am playing tag"
He had so much fun. That is why we go to the park, it is a whole lot easier than trying to set up a play date. LOL! :D

Bear built this tower of cups by himself on the living room carpet. I am impressed he could even stack the cups at all. I was even having a difficult time balancing them later, on the hard kitchen floor. What can I say, my kids are frikin amazing!

We had a BBQ on Friday for the BYU football game. Go Cougs! We made gourmet burgers, our own recipe. I have got to say they were quite honestly the best burgers I have ever had!!! The picture above does not do them justice, seriously. Normally I don't even like burgers that much, but these were magnificently mouthwatering. :D


Wendy and Michael said...

Too cute!!! and btw... we've never been invited over to try your amazing burgers, what gives!!!

The Mecham Family said...

kids are too funny. I love to hear what comes out of their mouths.

Janessa Taylor said...

Hey! Glad you visited my blog :) Your little boys are getting so cute! I'm so glad that Wendy's a new "blog addict" and that you blog too--and TOTALLY excited about Twilight!! I just watched the newest trailer the other day, and it's sooooo good!!