Monday, November 17, 2008

Picture Tag from Kendra :)

"The idea is to go to your pictures and go in the fourth folder and pick the fourth picture and post it. Then, go to the six folder and get the sixth picture and post it."
-Kendra's instructions

This is a picture my Mother-in-law, LaRayne, took at Phillip's Grandma and Grandpa Graves anniversary party in may.

This picture is of the Team Dimondcutters, Phil played ball this last spring and summer and this is the picture I got of his team. You can see Phil is there in the middle with the white shorts.

Ok now I tag: Wendy, Shannon, Shayla, and Heather.


The Mecham Family said...

and his white legs...haha. just teasin Phillip!

Wendy and Michael said...

I had no idea phil was balling ball!!!

Shannon and Doug said...

This was a fun tag. It is funny to look back at random pics.

Majors said...

I didn't know I was tagged I 'll do that right now!