Monday, November 10, 2008

This last Week Bear started Wrestling. Yep, my boy is growing up! This is the first sport that he has been able to participate in. He is finally old enough, yay! Anyway he calls it his push up sport. I really don't know why. When we went to his first practice he saw some of the other boys wearing their wrestling clothes and immediately informed me that he needed a push-up suit. Lol!

In the picture you can see he is doing a push-up, he is so funny! I did not teach him this. I am pretty sure that he saw his Uncle Ben doing them at football practice and has been doing them ever since. Every time he does them he tells me that he is doing them how one is supposed to do them. At first I thought it was really funny because he basically was just sticking his butt up in the air and then bringing it back down again. However his form has improved as is obvious from the picture. How he came up with putting his feet up like he is, again I really don't know.

The picture there at the top is the best shot I got at his wrestling match on Thurs. Sadly its not very good. It was only his second time going and already he was thrown out there to do what he could. Amazingly he did alright. He would wrestle the kid down to the floor and then stand back up instead of pining his opponent. I don't blame him though, we have drilled it into him that when he tackles someone he is to immediately to jump back up and help the other person up. Unfortunately that is not the case in wrestling. Oh well, he learns very quickly just by watching, so I am sure he will catch on in no time.

I am just so excited that he is finally able to participate in something. It has been a long wait. He honestly was good enough a year ago to do just about any sport out there. He was hitting baseballs off a tee on his first Birthday and could shoot a basketball in a small hoop by his second. He could also hit a baseball pitched to him by about the same time. He could kick a football off a kicking tee not to mention throw it and catch it. I am so proud of both of my boys, as Lyon is following in Bears footsteps, and the best part is that I never pushed sports on either of my boys. They have a natural love for it all not to mention a natural talent to go along with it.
Now that we have officially started the sports I can tell that it is going to be really fun!


Shannon and Doug said...

That is really neat! He looks like quite the little athlete! It is so funny how kids just develop naturally. I am not so sure sport come naturally to my boy ;)

The Mecham Family said...

I hope Easton continues his love for sports! Bear is too cute to watch. Lemme know when he has his first "push up" competition!

annie said...

wow thats really cool bears wrestling!!

Wendy and Michael said...

That is awesome Rose!! You will have to invite us to one of his matches!!!

Dan/Kealy said...

I didn't even know Bear was doing wrestling until LaRayne mentioned something about it. Anyways, that's awesome! You'll have to let us know when he wrestles so we can come and watch. And the picture of him doing a push-up is so funny! He's such a cute kid!