Sunday, February 22, 2009

Football Birthday Party

Over the weekend we had an awesome Birthday party for Bear. He turns 4 this week and I thought he was old enough to appreciate a party, and Phil and I were just crazy enough to take it on. We invited all the kids around that are his age (over thirty plus his cousins) and I was just hoping that someone would show up. I was really worried because I know that it can be hard to remember that there is a party and also a lot of kids have been sick. I figured if at least one kid showed up it would be ok. The day of the party arrived and we were all ready, it was two o'clock and...... Thank goodness we had 14 kids come :D HURRAY! The party turned out great, better than great! We had plenty of games and we decorated cupcakes, played out in the back yard and then had ice cream. It was so much fun to watch the kids have so much fun. I was seriously worried that they would be bored. Some of the parents ended up staying, which I expected, because there are some really shy kids. I planned ahead though and had a fruit tray ready for parents to snack on, and we got to visit with one another and we got know them better too! It was just such a relief to have it go so unbeleivabley well! I really want Bear to be able to socialize and have a good variety of friends to play with. I think that this is a good start. We know the kids better they know where we live and we know where they live and we've met their parents. Setting up play dates is so much easier when you know who each other are. It was just so much fun, I'll definatly do it again!


Dan/Kealy said...

I'm glad the party went so well! How fun for Bear! And the cake is so cute - you're very creative when it comes to cake decorating. That's something that I'll have to work on for when I have kids :) said...

Thanks Kealy! Loved the cookies by the way! Thanks for bringing us some :D