Friday, March 6, 2009


We woke-up to the snow on Thursday, very unhappily I might add. I had an appointment with my OB, so of course it had to snow the day I would be driving. This has happened almost every single appointment I've had including ultra sounds! Well Bear looked at it with a better attitude, he had gotten a spider-man sledding tube for his B-day, he'd been waiting for just such an occasion to try it out. So after my appointment, which went just fine, we were in and out of the office in 15 minutes then only another 5 minutes to go to the lab and have some blood drawn! How is that for speed! Anyway we took Phil to work then headed home. Bear not forgetting his sled and me feeling to bad to say no decided to take the boys sledding. We had to go home and get their snowsuits on first then we piled back into the car to go to the sledding hill. By the time we got there poor little Lyon had fallen fast asleep, but not Bear he was very ready for action. So I sent him on his way while I watched by the side of the car. I wasn't about to wake-up a sleeping Lyon, but I also didn't want to leave him alone in the car. So I rolled the windows down and stood ready to get him should he wake and also so I had a perfect view of Bear. It was fun for me to watch Bear, He had a method, He would set his sled just so at the top of the hill then back up so he could get a running start and then jump on full speed using the inertia to make it down the hill. He did this for maybe a half hour before he decided to call it a day. He was soaking wet well his snowsuit and jacket were, so he said how about if I lay in the sun. Lol! He laid on the sidewalk for about a minute before deciding he wouldn't dry off that way! He had so much fun though, and it was probably better that Lyon fell asleep so I didn't have to worry about them sharing the sled.

Running Start

Super fast

Sleeping baby

Mama standing guard

This kid is awesome!

Drying off


Wendy and Michael said...

great that you have a sledding hill you can go to! Looks like fun!

Dan/Kealy said...

How fun! It looks like Bear is an awesome sledder! And I love how he layed down on the sidewalk to dry off-so funny!

Grandpa Graves said...

I'm glad that he got to use his tube. It looks like fun to me!!

Andrew and Charonne- said...

very sweet, i have a small favor...........after i read your blog my eyes hurt cause the white writing on a black background is too much of a contrast and often times i dont read what you have wrote even though i want to cause itmakes it so i see white lines for a long time after reading your wonderful posts! Would you change it pretty pretty please!!! I rally like to read what you write, but my eyes cant take it!lol!!!