Friday, March 13, 2009

Sushi Rolls

Have you ever had that feeling, the one where you are craving something so badly that it becomes your every thought? Well maybe everyone doesn't go through this, but for the last 7 months it has been my life. I have been craving sushi rolls, desperately! I dream about them, long for them, and yet I have managed to refrain. Some of you may be wondering why, well, when pregnant there are certain food items that you are really supposed to stay away from. Some of those being deli meats, soft cheeses, certain types of fish, and any type of raw meat. The reason being, well basically there are food born illnesses involved that can cause a lot of problems with ones pregnancy. Now, this isn't to say that if one eats these things they are guaranteed to have problems with their baby, but it is a risk and one that I am just not willing to take. There is far to much worry and guilt accompanying it so I keep away no matter how great the craving.
This brings me back now to the reason for this post, somewhere I got the idea that I could make my own sushi rolls at home without the use of raw fish and risk of contamination. So I did research to find out just how to make them and it turned out to be pretty easy, so long as you have the right tools. I ordered what I needed online and then took a couple of trips to the grocery store for different ingredients and then, well have a look....

the seaweed

the inside ingredients

rolling it up

I actually did it! Oh yeah, rice on the outside, thank you very much :)

cutting the pieces

The finished products

This is a terrible picture of me, I know, but look I am finally eating sushi rolls!

Lyon ate them!

Bear loved them! He ate almost as much as I did! This is my little picky four year old too!

Phil loved them too, he took the pictures so I don't have one of him enjoying them.
They really turned out awesome! I will definatley make these again!


Dan/Kealy said...

Yay! I'm glad you finally got to eat sushi rolls! And that's cool to have the rice on the outside too :)

Shannon and Doug said...

SO AWESOME!!! Sushi is my all time very favorite food ever ever ever! Wha a great idea to make it yourself! You know that a lot of sushi is not even raw at all? Like California rolls usually have cooked crab in them and spider rolls and lot of other ones too. I think it is just the sushimi rolls that are raw. But I could be totally wrong. Either way, that looks so yummy and I'll bet it was super fun to make at home. And cheaper too! Now you have all the stuff and you can do it anytime you want! I might have to copy you.

Wendy and Michael said...

Looks yummy!

Andrew and Charonne- said...

wow, i wanna make those, and i hate sushi! But there was no meat, right? where did you get all the stuff? do tell, and thanks for changing the color of your writting, i can now see!