Friday, May 1, 2009


Ok I promise I have been working on the Darkest Black post. I am sorry its taking so long. We moved our computer downstairs (it used to be on our kitchen counter) and it is almost impossible to get down to get any work on it done. I tried to take Bear down with me while Lyon was taking his nap I got a little bit more typing done but not enough:( He was so bored, and he kept getting into things and driving me completely crazy! Anyway if it were possible for me to get up early I would so already be done but oh well. Just know that I am working on it and someday it will be posted. As for blogging about anythintg else, I have lost my camera.........brief pause so I can bawl about it.............It was really the absolute best camera ever! I am so sad to have lost it. I didn't misplace it, oh no, it was taken out of my purse! Can you believe it! It was in my bag right next to my wallet and somebody took the camera instead of what could possibly have been a good deal of money. What is the deal with that? My point is that because I have no camera I have no pictures to post with whatever I may be writing about and that bothers me. I always think the pictures are the best part of a blog, so why blog about Bear starting T-ball if I can't put any pictures? I am going to have to figure something out, I have a baby on the way for crying out loud! I must have pictures! Who has a baby without taking pictures?! AAAAAHHHH! Oh the agony!

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Wendy and Michael said...

Rose, you can totally buy our camera! We want to buy an SLR just like Janessa's so we could use the money lol!