Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another reason why.....

This boy really keeps things interesting that is for sure :D
So here are a few more things that just might be
the reason I haven't answered your call....

He was just playing in my closet
(IOW: I had no idea what he was doing)
I have this wire/metal shelf
I use it to store my jewelry and other miscellaneous items
He was trying to pull off one of those items
and succeeded in tipping the whole thing over :D

Sissy/Fenix's closet this time
I have no idea what he was trying to do
or how
but he managed to tip this shelf over
I keep a lot of Sissy's things on it..
I had been in the living room feeding Sissy
We herd a huge bang
I sent Bear to investigate
"You better come see this" he said
The fact that Lyon broke right through the back astonishes me, I don't know why,
the thing is practically cardboard.
It also relieves me, that could have been really bad
if it were solid wood.....

My amazement will never cease...
We were at Grandpa R. and Grandma L.s house
I was in the basement with L, Steph, Bear, Ben, and Sissy
Lyon had been with us but he went upstairs
He was apparently raiding the fridge...
Pepto-bismol and a spoon :D
What more did the boy need? Lol!
Needless to say we sent him to put it away
instead he went and asked Grandpa R.
Who told Lyon that he couldn't have any unless Lyon had diarrhea
I guess Lyon claimed he did
Grandpa still didn't give him any
and Lyon was none to happy about it...

These are the kind of things that just help me to love him more
How could he not make me smile

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Dan/Kealy said...

I love how your boys always have eye black on in so many of your pictures-how cute!