Monday, October 5, 2009

Bear :D

This month Bear will be 4 years and 8 months old

He love, love, loves to paint!
And I think he is pretty good at it ;D

He posed for this picture and asked me to take it...

He loves football!
And I think he is pretty good at it ;D

He is obsessed with eye black
Have you ever seen the movie:
Little Giants
That part before the big game
That kid puts eye black all over his face
That is what Bear does...

I found him in his closet with a permanent marker
The fumes in there, yeesh
I think any longer and he would have been high on them
He said that it was okay for him to color his toenails because
black isn't a girl color
I am not sure what that is supposed to be on his leg
We had to explain to him how our bodies are temples...

The marker got on his sock too...

At Ben's football game

Just being silly
That boy, I tell you
I love him to pieces :D


Richard Graves said...

Love the Pictures

Wendy and Michael said...

He has gotten so big! He's really starting to thin out and he looks more and more like phil.