Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Picnic up the canyon

The Robbins side of our family had a picnic up American Fork canyon. A last outdoor get together before it gets to cold. I think it actually already was too cold, we were all freezing. We had a lot of fun anyway. Especially Bear, Aiden, and Lyon :D The spot we chose to picnic had a little stream with a bridge over it. If I were the kid I would have spent the entire time on that bridge throwing leaves and sticks in the stream and watching them float away. I used to love doing that. However, I am a mean Mom and wouldn't let my kids play on the bridge or anywhere near the stream. I was terrified that they would fall in! Knowing Lyon, its not that difficult to imagine why. He is so unfortunately accident prone :(
We managed to make it through the picnic with only a few bumps and Bear ended up being the one who fell in the water. He was on a little hike with Uncle Sam, Cousin Aiden, and Puppy Maggie. While walking by the stream he slipped on a rock and fell in. I think Sam must have said something to the effect of "your Mom is going to kill me," because when they walked back to the picnic area the first thing Bear said was, "Mom, don't kill Sam okay"
Lol! I wasn't mad, just concerned because I didn't have any extra clothes for Bear and it was really cold. He survived though and never even complained that he was cold.

When we were getting ready and organizing who was going to bring what, my Mom asked me to bring some hot chocolate. Later she said never mind because after talking to everyone she didn't think anyone would drink it. I laughed and told her I had already made it and therefore I was bringing it whether anyone drank it or not! Turns out it was so cold that everybody ended up drinking it and loving it! Even Phil who hates hot drinks, lol! I am glad we brought it.

Mom and Bob

Sissy :D
I forgot to bring extra clothes for her too
She of course had a big huge explosion
which got all over the warm jammy's she was wearing
Fortunately Wendy had some extra baby clothes for
Fenix to wear, they were boy clothes, I didn't mind
Thanks for sharing Wendy :D

I think Annie had fun :D

Phil kept Sissy Fenix bundled up and warm
He was very concerned about her getting cold
He did a great job keeping her covered:D
Thanks Babe, I love you!

Mike holding little Mike :D

I had been trying to roast hot dogs and
the sticks I brought to roast them on
were not long enough so I had to lean way out to reach the fire
it was burning my hand, but I insisted on cooking them that way.
Mike saved my hand, he creatively got a hand towel someone had brought
wrapped it around my hand and then tucked it into my sleeve.
It worked great, I wouldn't have thought to do that.
Thanks for saving my hand Mike! :D

Little Mike! What a gorgeous boy!

Me sportin some awesome braids and and even cooler hat!
I was trying to get some of the amazing view that was behind me
in the picture,
I missed

There the boys are playing
They played good and they fought as well.
At one point Aiden came up to me and told me.
"Um, Rosie. Bear is being a whiny butt."

Mom, Sam, and Bob
Tending to the fire
They were trying to get the coals going good
enough to cook the dutch oven potatoes
They did, the potatoes were great!


Wendy enjoying the hot chocolate
well I think that is what she was drinking
and cutie little Mike :D

My Lyon boy :D

When it was too dark and cold for the boys to play football anymore
I had them come sit in front of the fire
Then wrapped them up in blankets
I only had two blankets
And Aiden didn't want to be left out
Fortunately I had brought an extra jacket of Phils
I used this to wrap Aiden in
When they were leaving he was Crying that
he wanted to take it with them
I don't think he knew it was a Jacket
He must have thought it was an awesome kind of blanket :D
I love that kid, Lol!


Shannon and Doug said...

Ah! I really really enjoyed looking at those. Thanks so much for sharing! You look ADORABLE by the way! Any tips for growing my hair that long?

Dan/Kealy said...

Fun! It makes me miss Utah and having a canyon to go to.

Wendy and Michael said...

Lol cute pix! It was a blast getting together although we didn't really get a chance to visit since we were chasing after the kids!!