Thursday, January 14, 2010

And the letter goes out to...

Dear Dr. Sorenson and Dental Hygienists,

I am grateful to you for fixing the hole in Bear's tooth. I hope you understand why it is that I stopped you from your vice-like-neck-breaking-hold you had on Bear so I could talk to him. I saw that he was completely panicked and could not let him see me standing idly by as he was, in his opinion, tortured. You see I am his mother, I am responsible for making sure that he is not treated in such a way as to scar him for life. I understand that you are just doing your job and that I brought Bear to you to have it done. However I do not feel that it is in our best interest to try to get work done under less than ideal circumstances. That is why I used up precious time of yours to do my job. I know that it may have seemed pointless for me to sit and explain and reason with my child while there was work to be done. However in case you didn't notice he held perfectly still for you after I calmly spoke to him (and even tried to bribe him which didn't work at all by the way) I am grateful you let me take the time to do so.
I want you to know that after we left I asked Bear why he was able to hold so still when moments before he had adamantly refused; you know what he said,
"Because you told me to"
I think talking to him was the right thing for me to do. I was firm and calm, rather than mean and forceful (although I did force him) I also think it was the right thing for me to hold his legs down instead of one of the hygienists; I showed him that I was calm and loving and that I was there to "support" him. I really think it helped so thank you for allowing me to do so. I held myself together and didn't breakdown and start bawling that I wanted to go home (even though that was what I felt like doing)
Dr. Sorenson thank you for being a pediatric dentist. Hygienists, thank you for being pediatric hygienists :D I can't imagine what made you decide to take on such a challenging career, but it is appreciated as I am sure that your paycheck will show you. I mean we do pay our bill and all ;)

Sincerely yours,
(the woman who talked her son into getting his filling without freaking out)
Rose :D


Shannon and Doug said...

Standing ovation!

Dallin and Ashley said...

I definitely hate the dentist. You are an awesome mommy!

The Mecham Family said...

Great job Rose! I like Dr. Sorenson.