Friday, January 15, 2010

Cracking! Crap!

There is a crack in my linoleum!

Right now it is just a teeny tiny little crack
but do you know what teeny tiny little cracks can turn into?
I know what you are thinking
If you had stone tiles this wouldn't have happened
No if I had stone floors it would be one of my kids heads (probably Lyon's) that had the crack
Or one of no wait all of my dishes that were shattered.
I love having linoleum floors, I really do.
I know that at first glance it looks like genuine tile floor even though its not.
I know that it looks pretty good, even though its not the ideal flooring choice.
I know that when my kids fall down on it it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it would were it stone.
I know that when I drop things on it it won't break what I drop and what I drop won't break it.
I know that we can slide chairs easily across it.
I know that we don't scratch the crap out of it by sliding chairs across it like we would if it were wood.
I know that it works great for bouncing basketballs.
I know that it is very easy to clean, especially with my Shark steam floor mop ;)

I also know that it has a crack in it.
Which scares me greatly due to what happened to the linoleum floor that covered the kitchen and dinning room floors of the house that I grew up in. Picture a huge hole exposing the particle board that is underneath most linoleum floors. I don't have a picture so use your imagination.
Of course that floor was extremely abused by the heavy foodstorage buckets that we had constantly sliding across it. My floor now is not abused in that manner so I am crossing my fingers that the crack stays a crack. If it turns into a huge hole we will replace it with hardwood. That is the plan anyway.


The Mecham Family said...

I wonder if you could buy some kind of clear sealant or something?

We live in a Zoo! said...

You know, I was wondering the same thing.