Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whats on my mind?

I am sitting here in bed watching Leno on TV, wandering around from blog to blog (really is there a technical term for that or should I just make up my own word?) And as I sit here with many techno-gagets to keep my mind busy the only thing I can do is bask in memories.
Here is an example of my train of thought:

My honeymoon, in California. Phil stops at a Target so I can run in, before the store closes, and buy something essential for keeping this trip a honeymoon. I hustle to the personal products, grab my one item, rush back to the front of the store and get in line to checkout. There are a couple people in front of me. The man directly in front of me has an assortment of cat toys on the conveyor belt ready to be purchased when his turn comes. For reasons I do not understand he looks at me and tells me I can go in front of him. I smile and thank him. I pass by him and hand over my one item to be rung up. The man who let me cut in front of him scoffs and says something to the effect of, "I let you go ahead of me so you could buy those!!!"
He probably thought me some slutty teenager. :( I would have thought the same thing.
I was young (19) and newly wed and on my honeymoon for crying out loud!!! I had no intentions of getting pregnant while on my honeymoon!! My husband was waiting for me out in the car!!! So yes it may have seemed ridiculous at first glance, but looks can be deceiving.

Now that memory fades and a new memory fills my head:

I'm at a restaurant with Phil, one of his brothers, and his brothers friend. I am very pregnant and I have Bear and Aiden with us. Bear is two, Aiden is two. To those around us at the restaurant this must have looked a little odd. Bear and Aiden are clearly not twins, but they act like brothers in the way they poke and tease each other. Bear could be Phil's son, but Aiden clearly is not. And what of the baby in my belly, as I sit there and have lunch with three men.
I know I would have been wondering what was going on. Don't get me wrong, I am not a judging, critical, mean, type of person I just would have thought it looked odd.
(For those of you who don't know, Bear is my oldest son, Aiden is my sisters son and I used to watch him everyday while my sister went to work. I watched Aiden from the time he was a tiny baby till my family moved too far away for it to be practical for me to tend him anymore we miss him. So Bear and Aiden were buddy brothers by day and cousins by night. In the story I was pregnant with Lyon. And both Bear and Lyon are Phil's children. I have no idea why we went to lunch with Phil's brother and his friend.)

So again looks can definitely be deceiving.

I will have to remember that the next time I go to judge someone, won't I.

PS-this is kind of a weird post, oh well.....


The Mecham Family said...

I like the post...and I LOVE the first story! Too funny! I would've turned to the guy and said, "Well I've got 4 men waiting for me, and I can't risk the STD's." hahahaha

Dan/Kealy said...

That first story is great :)