Monday, February 1, 2010

Flight to Orlando Florida

So I would say that we made it in one piece,
I may have lost my mind somewhere on our second flight so......

The flight to Orlando Florida went just fine,
we made it through checking our bagage.
We made it through security.
We made it to our flight.
We made it to Denver.

The trouble started when we were waiting for our flight out of Denver to Orlando, Florida ;)
We got food and played cards at the gate.
Then Bear decided he needed to go to the bathroom.
Phil took Bear while I stayed with our luggage, Sissy, and Lyon.
Lyon, upon seeing Phil walk away with Bear, decided to chase after them.
Without his shoes on.
I left all of our things and ran after him with Sissy bouncing in my arms.
I brought him back and proceeded to ready our things for boarding the plane, which we would be doing soon.
Lyon, upon getting his shoes on, ran off.
This time he got on the moving sidewalk.
I decided it was too late to go on after him and so walked along side him while keeping an eye on our things at the gate.
A woman came on the moving sidewalk behind Lyon and yelled at me that Lyon's fingers could get cut off and she rudely lifted him up over the hand rail and all but threw him into my arms that happened to be holding Sissy as well.
I was so shocked and she was gone so fast that it didn't occur to me to tell her just what I thought of her "worry for my child's safety.....
This sort of thing happened several times before Phil came back with Bear.

So we got on the plane.
We got situated in our seats.
Phil and Sissy in seats behind Bear, Me, and Lyon.
I got them all set up with activities and snacks.
Phil started a movie for them.
But that was a nightmare because the ear phones wouldn't stay in their ears.
We managed anyway.
About an hour into the flight Lyon needed to go to the bathroom.
So Phil took him, while I sat with Bear and Sissy.
Thus making way for the angry letter I plan to write to the nasty flight attendant that I HATE!
Anyway Lyon threw several tantrums followed by a calm spell in which I entertained him with stickers and snacks.
And then there would be another tantrum, where he kicked and thrashed in my arms banging his head into mine relentlessly.
Oh the pain. Not to mention that fact that his tantrums were carried out on top of a very full bladder.
I needed to PEE!!!!!!!
When I finally did get to go to the bathroom
(because Lyon had finally fallen asleep and Bear was busy with stickers)
I stood in that tiny stinky bathroom with my eyes closed for probably five minutes.
No I didn't care about anyone else who needed to get in there.
It was my moment (albeit in the absolute nastiest place ever) of peace and quiet.
I have wondered in the past what could possibly take someone so long in the bathroom, well.....
The one saving grace (that kept me from ahem smacking that flight attendent) was this:
There was a man who had been watching my whole ordeal from across the aisle.
When we landed in Orlando he said to me quietly,
"That was really hard work, you did a good job"
Or something along those lines.
I didn't get a chance to reply, but the fact that he noticed just how hard of a time I was having and that he felt for me, well it almost made me break down into tears.
So somewhere out there, Thank you Stranger.
And the young man who swooped into the seats ahead of me so he could grab and hand me the car that Bear had dropped (no thanks to the lady who pointed it out, but couldn't seem to get it and hand it to me) I would have given him a hug and a kiss had it been appropriate and had my arms not been already full. Thank you!
And too the lady who carried my very heavy duffle bag for me, while I struggled to carry Bear (who was asleep) It would have been nearly impossible to carry them both. Thank you!
People often are the angels that come to our aide when we need it most :)
Even though I probably didn't deserve it after the words that went through my mind about that flight attendant.

So we made it.
I was thrilled that the flight to Orlando Florida, okay no the flight to Denver Colorado, went so well.
And will hope for a better flight home from Orlando Florida.
On that flight, Phil will be sitting with the boys and I will be sitting with Sissy ;D


Dan/Kealy said...

Does not sound fun, but I'm glad you made it safely! Have fun in Florida!

Wendy and Michael said...

LMAO!! This is what i expected!! I was telling Michael what a nightmare it was going to be for you!! Been there done that lol!