Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" -George Santayana

This is me today
(please note that I wrote this last Friday).
Though I am not actually crying, I really feel like crying.
It's one of those moments.
You know the kind.
The kind where you see that all the work that you spent hours doing has been undone in a matter of moments.

It's the house.
I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning and organizing and cleaning some more.
I worked and worked and worked.
I slaved away at it the whole day, and now......
......well I am sure you can guess.
If you were to come to my house right now you'd never believe I spent so much time cleaning it yesterday. You'd never be able to tell.
I did laundry (so so so so so so very much laundry) you can't tell.
I cleared my kitchen counters and worktable and dinner table and scrubbed them down,
you can't tell.
I swept the kitchen floor, and put item after item away, you can't tell.
I did all the dishes, made all the beds, I exercised and showered, but you can't tell.
And all because I did it yesterday, so of course I have to do it all again today.
Such is life.
Though I have to say I definitely remember doing it all and it's all in the past so why am I still condemned to repeat it, over and over and over again.......


Shannon and Doug said...

I swear sometimes we are in a parallel universe Rose. The same thing happened to me today! I spent THE WHOLE DAY yesterday cleaning! And we are back to square one today. sigh.....

Mrs4444 said...

It's a never-ending battle, isn't it?