Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My house is definitely NOT magazine worthy....

A few weeks ago on The nienie dialogues,
Nienie mentioned a contest.

I clicked on the link out of curiosity and this is what the second line reads:

"Do friends and family tell you your home is magazine worthy?"

I laughed out loud.

My house is definitely NOT magazine worthy. Not in the least!

Now don't get me wrong. I LOVE my house. It's perfect in almost every way for the needs of my family. It does not however possess the decorations or makeup that would make it magazine worhty, and I am pretty sure that no amount of airbrushing could make it so.

My walls are covered in the art work of my children, mainly Lyon's masterpieces.
There are also several, um, dents and dings here and there.
These are a result of Bear's unquenchable love of sports.

I have curtain rods but not enough curtains to fill them. I've thought about getting new and pretty curtains and even made some for one room that couldn't go on without them, but....
Getting curtains is dangerous business,
picture if you will Tarzan swinging on jungle vines. Now take that image and replace Tarzan with one of my boys and the vine with my curtains.
And there would go the hundreds of dollars spent on curtains slowly but surely down the drain.
It's not just a possibility here, it's an absolute inevitability.

My couch is a story all it's own, you can read it here.

The same story can be told about my kitchen table.

Although my bedroom set (also with a story) is lovely and might be able to pull off a photo shoot, the rest of my bedroom shames it into hiding.

And I don't think a magazine would smile kindly on pictures of baby bouncers, high chairs and booster seats taking up at least part of every room.

I don't worry about these things too much,
I have plans for what I would like to do to decorate my house someday.
Nicely enough for it to be magazine worthy.


Right now there are other things going on in my house that
makes putting it off worth it for now.

Lyon's masterpieces, Bears sculptures, Fenix's accessories, and old kindly given furniture
are beautiful enough for me, even if they don't make my house magazine worthy.


Shell said...

Oh, mine is very magazine-worthy.

As the before shot of a total house makeover!

Amy said...

hahaha...I laughed at Shell's comment...that's almost exactly what I was going to say! But, seriously, I'm busy with my kids right now. There will be time for awesome decorating later.

The Mecham Family said...

Well said. And by the way, I love your house!