Thursday, August 5, 2010

Airplane travel tips

It's summer time, people travel quite a bit this time of year, and although summer is nearly over I've decided it's about time I write this post as I have been planning to since I got back from our

My kids are 5, 3, and 1.
I've done a decent amount of airplane traveling in the last year, I think that qualifies me to give airplane travel tips. ;D
These are my airplane travel tips, for when you are traveling with young kids:

First airplane travel tip:
Prepare yourself mentally for the absolute worst scenario
(as far as having kids along)
Prepare for "accidents" including, but not limited to: Your kids peeing or pooping their pants, spilling food all over themselves, falling in mud puddles, falling in toilets, throwing up all over you or themselves, getting soaked with sweat, bleeding, etc...
Any or all of those things could happen, and if you aren't prepared they probably will.
Prepare yourself, and then stop thinking about it. Don't picture these things happening and don't worry about these things happening. Be prepared to deal with it and so you can with a good attitude and a sense of humor should it happen.

Second airplane travel tip:
Bring a medium sized duffle bag as your carry on. In that duffle bag have an extra pair of clothes for you and your kids. If your kids still wet the bed when they sleep bring extra pull-ups
(that kid should really be wearing one for the whole trip)
If you have a little one in diapers keep a smaller bag in that duffle bag with wipes and diapers, this will make for an easy trip to change the diaper without having to bring the whole duffle bag. If you don't have a child in diapers bring a package of wipes anyway,
they come in so handy for so many things.
Bring a small first aide kit with Band-Aids and tylenol.
Bring snacks in that duffle bag, nuts, granola bars, grapes, crackers, water bottles, etc...
Make sure that you are all fed and that your blood sugars are not getting low.
Pack plenty of small and simple activities for your kids in your carry on duffle bag.
When I went to Disney World I brought several different coloring books, several different kinds of stickers, some small simple (no sound) dollar store toys, notebooks , small story books, crayons, markers, etc...
Little kids get bored with things pretty quickly (if you havent' noticed) so you will need plenty of activities to switch out each time your kids start to lose interest in the one they have. I placed all of my activities in my duffle bag vertically so I could pull out one after another with out having to take them all out just to get to the one at the bottom.
Which leads me to another airplane traveling tip,
don't show the activities to your kids before you go, let them be surprised.
It will make them that much more exciting for your kids when you pull them out. ;D

Third airplane travel tip:
Bring it along in your duffle bag. When you or your kids start to get stressed out, pull out the lavender essential oil and have everyone breath in its fresh relaxing scent. It will help everyone to relax. I've use lavender plenty of times to calm one of my kids from a temper tantrum or to help them to fall asleep when they just can't seem to relax. Note that I do not put straight undiluted lavender oil on my kids. I simply let them breath it in or I mix it in some unscented lotion and then rub it onto their hands or arms. Try it our before you go on your trip, its good stuff to have even if you aren't traveling ;D

Fourth travel tip:
This is important for the whole trip.
This will go a looonnnngggg way to making it a good trip.
Stay in control of the situation, show your kids that you are happy and unconcerned and they will be happy and unconcerned. I cannot stress this enough.
I am talking from experience here.
And Superman knows it, lol!

So in short have a
lavender essential oil,
carry on duffle bag
with snacks and activities,
and be prepared, be prepared, be prepared.

It's an adventure, enjoy it, even the hard parts.
Make the memories good ones!
Most importantly have fun!


Damaris said...

I'm traveling to Brazil with a 4 year old and an 11 month old. I'm not looking forward to the airplane ride at all.

The Mecham Family said...

Great post!