Monday, August 23, 2010

Wind shield wiper fluid...

The end of the story....

Imagine if you will that you have two of some of the cutest,
most adorable, little boys.
They are outside playing in the shade of the carport while you are inside tending to your brand new sweet baby girl.
You glance out the window or the door from time to time to check on them.
One moment everything is fine and dandy, and the next.....
.....there is an open bottle of wind shield wiper fluid open and in their hands.
Bright orange wind shield wiper fluid with a "child proof lid" and metal seal
(that is nearly impossible to pull off)
inside of that "child proof lid"
making it even more unlikely that a couple of little boys could open it.

You run outside panicked!

"Did you put it in your mouth!!! Did you eat it!!! Did your little brother!!!!!"

The older brother answers, "Yes, yes, nooooooo....."

So you grab your phone and dial poison control.
Figuring of course that all is okay, but you'd better call anyway.
Poison control answers and you explain that your boys have possibly
put windshield wiper fluid in their mouths. ={
Poison control asks you a series of questions,

What brand is it?
What are listed in the ingredients?
What percentage of those ingredients?

Then you are asked,
"How close is the nearest hospital?"

"Thirty minutes."

"Is there anything closer?"

Then you are told,
"Go to the hospital now, do not stop along the way! If your child is wet don't take time to change them, don't wait, go NOW."

So you go.

When you get to the hospital there is an army of nurses and doctors awaiting your arrival.
Your cutest, adorable, sweet,
little boys are put on monitors and given shots and blood is taken.

They have to stay at the hospital.

What do you do?
How do you deal with this?

You stay calm.
You keep yourself together so you don't scare your little boys.

You called poison control immediately making your worlds cutest little boys have that much more of a chance to be just fine.

And they are.
They are released from the hospital the next day.
They are lucky.
They are blessed!

Watch your children closely.
Keep poisons out of reach of your children.
Even if they are sealed tight.
Never underestimate your Childs ability to get into them.

And should they....
Don't hesitate to call poison control immediately!

(Just so you know the conclusion to my previous stories. My friend, who I served gasoline, was just fine, I really can't even be sure she actually drank any. My sister, who I sprayed ammonia into her mouth, also just fine. Fortunately. Oh, and also, this has not been a story about my own two cutest boys in the world, but of my sweet cutest nephews in the world.
Who I am so very grateful that they are just fine!)


Shell said...

That's so scary!

Kids really do find their way into everything- "childproofed" or not.

The Mecham Family said...

Very scary... and thank you for the conclusions to the previous stories. :)

Amber said...

Wow! Scary! I've called Poison control many times and this post just reinforces my actions!