Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dining room sets

I have like fourteen dining room sets.
Well maybe only three, but still....

I don't really like any of my dining room sets.

(Except for one that is in pieces stuffed in a corner of my basement, 
it requires a lot of work, sigh)

Of course I only have one that I am actually currently using as my dining room set,

I don't like it.

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice, solid wood, quality piece of furniture,
but it is very old.
Not like antique old, but like 20 years of use by another family that I don't know kind of old.

My Mother in law bought it from a friend, and we in turn bought it from her.
It was a major steal.
75 bucks for a nice solid wood table and six fine chairs,
how many dining room sets out there can you buy for that?

Still, it's not my style and I'd like to get a new one.
You know to add to my collection of dining room sets ;D

CSN.com has got a ton of dining room sets to choose from.
Hundreds of pretty styles to choose from.
Indoor, outdoor, formal, casual,
benches, chairs, or stools.

Wow, lots and lots of pretty.
Check it out.


The Mecham Family said...

I wish I had a dining room to put a dining room set in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brownie said...

I'd like a new set for my kitchen. It's old, too - like your's not antique old... just old. And it's blonde wood and a veneer top. I'd love to have a new (or old) oak set!