Monday, September 20, 2010

Lyon, Lion, Lying

Yeah, I know it is terrible but I just can't help but think it is sooooo funny!!

We saw this shirt at wal mart.
I saw the lion and immediately thought,
"Oh we gotta get that for Lyon."

Then I read what it said,
"I'm not Lion."

"Oh," I thought, "we better get that for Bear!"

Then I really read what it said,
"I'm the BEST I'm not LION"

It took me a full five minutes to get it.

I'm the best I am not lying.

Of course I kept thinking of it like Bear saying he was the best because he isn't Lyon.

At first I was like "rude!"  then I got it and started laughing.


Seriously, it's funny!

And I don't think Bear is the best or better than Lyon.

I think all of my kids are the BEST!!